Sleeping Beauty 2011

Two scenes showing some game theory class. The first part is the prisoner dilemma, the second deals with the game of Go. The game theory class stands for the whole movie: the obviously bored (sleepy) instructor writes down a game theory matrix on the board, while copying from his notes mostly watching the green board. (In most cases, reading verbatim from notes is a sign of incompetence). The Go-scene might have been placed because of the book The master of Go.

MOV, Ogg Webm. IMDb link P.S. The movie reminds of Eyes Wide Shut of Stanley Kubrick (which was almost satirical to watch as talented actors like Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were lost in nonsense). Sleeping beauty is definitely not a movie for kids. It is neither funny, nor romantic, just puzzling and depressive. It is puzzling as it tosses around various elements which hints at dadaism. It is depressive because the protagonist works very hard (studying, health study subject, working in an office, a restaurant and bars) supports family and still can not pay her rent. An insightful critic names this vulnerability as ``horror". The story is an adaptation of a novel by Nobel Prize winner Yasunari Kawabata. But his novel The house of sleeping beauties is different. In the movie, sleeping beauty Lucy poses for various men, while in the Kawabata novel, a lonely man visits a house of sleeping beauties. Emily Browning plays well the sleep-walking protagonist in this sad story. As some critic noted, Browning is present and visible in almost all of the scenes. She is obviously a fantastic actor and holds the movie together. Some movie critics (NYT of December 1 2011) can wrap some interpretation around it and see it as modern art. Even the end of the story does not make sense. At one point, one of the old creepy rich men tells a story inside the story. Without explanation, this man is found dead in bed at the end. No explanation is given. Even the peeping camera installed by the girl does not give a clue. Maybe even that camera was too tired to watch and began to sleep.
Oliver Knill, Posted February 10, 2021,