Schweizer Jugend Forscht Arbeit: Oliver Knill, 1981, Anschauliche Zahlentheorie

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Hans Giger with Oliver Knill, 1981

Discussion with Dr. Hans Giger, 1981, who was an excellent referee at the national competition. (He understood the topic even so his overall assessment was a bit too harsh as I would say now from a distance as there are still results in that work which I could not find yet anywhere, especially relations like generalizations of the beautiful formula (50) page 84). For the experimentally discovered Pentagonal number theorem (I only learned later that Euler did that already), I definitely lacked the technique to prove it. (That I missed generating functions later shocked me). Hans Giger was a student of Willy Scherrer and published also with Hugo Hadwiger. Click on the above picture to see it large.

Right: two pages from a publication "50 Jahre Schweizer Jugend Forscht" [PDF], published in April, 2017.
Grusswort von Doris Leuthard und Oliver Knill zum 50. Jubilaeum
April, 2017: 50 years Schweizer Jugend Forscht. Click on the picture to see it large. It is part of this [PDF].
Photo of Bruno Bührer. On the wall behind my study table were all Archimedian and Platonic solids I had made of paper. To my left, the hacked TI 59 and Video Genie system on which I had programmed everything in Basic (programs were stored on audio tape). Specs: a 1.76 MHz CPU, 16KB RAM, 500 Baud cassette deck. I typed everything on a IBM selective typewriter, gluing in hand-colored illustrations. The typeball had to be switched anytime a special symbol was used. When making a typo, one had either start all over or retype the letter using with a special correction paper printing white. Source.

Put online: 6/22/2006, in summer 2012 the original document has resurfaced in an old box. It was scanned in color 8/25/2012. PDF.

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