Shonibare Sculpture

A stunning sculpture by Yinka Shonibare at the Harvard Business School. It uses Dutch wax textiles and aims to capture the volume of wind. It is hand-painted and almost 7 meters high. The artist started with photographs of wind being blown into the actual batik fabrics. Hard materials like fiberglass and metal look soft. Volume of the Wind by Yinka Shonibare, at HBS, Photo: Oliver Knill, December 17, 2021 About Shinibare
An article at the HBS: Four sculptures have been installed on Harvard Business School's (HBS) campus in Boston as part of its ongoing contemporary sculpture program, which began in April 2016. A sculpture by Yinka Shonibare CBE RA is a new addition to the C. Ludens Ringnes Sculpture Collection, and a sculpture by Melvin Edwards and two works by Thaddeus Mosley are on loan to the School for the 2021-2022 exhibition. They join sculptures by Mary Frank, Jaume Plensa, John Safer, and Joel Shapiro in the School's permanent collection.
Oliver Knill, Posted December 27, 2021,