Redeeming Love 2022

A school scene with some arithmetic like 10648 divided by 4. Funny how they seem to have written 4 | 10648. Still, the result should be 2662 not 2648. This was a bit puzzling in the movie. Lets forgive the film writers! The movie is quite good even so there is a rather strong Christian redeem and forgiveness vibe, by design. Not a fairy tale, nor one of the Hallmark ``Groschenromans", but a rather good love story. One can also be tempted to label it ludicrous, considering it plays in 1840, but one should forgive, especially given that the author of the novel, Francine Rivers, has based it on the old Testaments story of Hosea and his Wife Gomer. Indeed, one of the main character in the film, farmer Michael Hosea, carries the name of the prophet. The story line given in IMDB summarizes it as "a powerful story of relentless love and perseverance as a young couple's relationship clashes with the harsh realities". I like the movie because the actors are good and manage to make an incredible story credible and because there is a happy ending, unlike the story in the bible. And then there is some math in it!

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Oliver Knill, Posted February 15, 2022,