Turning Red 2022

A nice Diney-Pixar ``coming of age" animation. There are a couple of seconds with math content during the start of the movie, where Mei is tackling some algebra and where the math teacher comments with a ``Math counts" cup. Then there is a lesson featuring the quadratic equation and homework scene. Funny for example to look at the details in the classroom. There are the signs like ``I ate some pie" or the 1980 Winter olympics poster where the US won against the Soviets, the pun being that the math teacher has a Russian accent.

A bit risky of course is the topic of puberty, but it is managed well using quirky ideas and humor. Interesting in this case also that some harsh review at cinema blend was later pulled. I have never seen that a review was cancelled! Cancel culture cancelled. There was lots of discussion about it, like here in NPR or here in CNN. It is refreshing that Disney was trying to go new paths. One recognizes the influence of Pixar talent.

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Oliver Knill, Posted March 11, 2022,