Radioactive 2019

There is much more chemistry and physics than math in this movie. But 23, a prime number is mentioned in a conversation. This is the latest movie about Marie Curie The rather artistic movie Marie Curie: the courage of knowledge 2016. is quite recent too and then there is a movie from 1943 which I have not yet seen. Also ``Radioactive" tries to branch a bit out. There is footage of trinity, Hiroshima and Tschernobyl. Some movie critics wanted the movie to be more experimental. I completely disagree. Both the movie from 2016 as well as the 2019 one try too hard to be experimental (like flipping around time lines). I'm glad they did not and did not do a Emily Dickinson experiment and turn it into a dark silly comedy. Still, the movie is closest to the biography of her daughter Eve Curie, which I had read as a teenager. That biography had motivated me personally to become a scientist. Both Eve as well as Irene Curie appear in the movie ``Radioactive" as kids.

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Oliver Knill, Posted December 20, 2020,