Proof 2004

Also this had already been in the collection before. This is an other cut. There is a lot of math in that movie. Was difficult to cut a few things out. The clips have been ordered chronologically (Strong spoiler alert: the conclusion of the movie is visible. Watch the full movie first!) Some topics which appear: Cauchy-Hadamard theorem (in text book) and solving some differential equations. An Annals of mathematics article. Riemann zeta function (on a black board) Random matrices, noncommutative geometry, Game theory Operator theory The age myth that creativity peaks at 23 and then that it is all downhill (appears twice). Sophie Germain and Germain primes (primes p, where also 2p+1 is prime). How to attack math problems. Ross and Wright: Discrete Mathematics (in a book shelf) beside the book Answered prayers by Danielle Steele.

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Oliver Knill, Posted November 25, 2020,