Povray in 2 lines

by Oliver Knill Most Hello world programs in other programming languages are larger! This program
#declare c=clock; camera{location <-0.55,0.55,(1-c)/(1/5+c)> look_at <-0.55,0.55,-5> right <0,16/9,0> up <0,0,1>}
plane{z,0 pigment{mandel 200 color_map{[0 rgb 0][(1-c)/6 rgb <1,c,1-c>][(1-c)/(3+3*c) rgb <1,c,0>][1 rgb 0]}} finish{ambient 1}}
It can be Tweetet and is even shorter than the Mandelbrot rendering in Mathematica:
M=500; N[9*Sum[F[-2.5+3 Random[]+I(-1.5+3 Random[])],{M^2}]/M^2]
S=M=300;A=Table[F[-2.5+3k/M+I(-1.5+3l/M)],{l,M},{k,M}]; ListDensityPlot[A,Frame->False,Axes->False]
Here is the 4K movie which was produced by the two lines of povray: Direct link to .mov file (careful: 330 Megs!)

Povray is also extremely fast. Fractals were the topic of a recent lecture:
Here are the files: