In the movie Pointbreak (not the iconic 1991 thriller with Keanu Reaves) but the 2015 version, there are some amazing stunts. There is a great wingsuit flight in the Swiss mountains (near Walenstadt). We walked up those mountains (from the other side in 3rd grade during a ``Klassenlager" (School week): one can read here that more than 100 jumps needed to be made for that stunt. This is only one of many great stunts appearing. Ignore the critics who trashed the movie. This NYT article has some appreciation for the stunts. The climbing stunt features Chris Sharma as a stunt double. Sharma is one of the worlds best climbers. Legendary is his work Adam Ondra on the route La Dura Dura. The obsession with solving a climbing problem visualizes also what it is like to solve a math problem. It can be a similar fight, it needs an obsession eating away many years of life. Unlike when rock climbing, math research looks less dramatic, as it is usually done in the quite. But there are typically many, many falls. When watching rock climbers mastering a wall problem, one sees the process visualized. It also illustrates the importance of technique and repetition and endurance). Here is the end part of the ``point break" movie, which summarizes some stunt scenes. It also has some cool 3D curve and motion visualizations built in (a reason to put it in the math in movies collection). IMBd link