Pinoccio 2019

A math school scene in the Italian movie Pinoccio: Pinoccio: I want to become a kid like everyone else. Fairy: You will become one if you know how to deserve it and if you behave well. Pinoccio: But... how do I deserve it? Fairy: You have to get used to being a good puppet. Then from tomorrow you will go to school and study. Repeat. - You will go to school and study. Pinoccio: School? - Yup. Teacher: So, let's see if you've studied. In a fence there are 18 sheep. Seven in the night run away. How many sheep does the farmer find in the morning? Student: Eight? Teacher: The hand. Come on. Come here. come on. Here. Take off your hat in front of the teacher. From here on. Stay here. understand? Just leave it here. I'll take care of it. Teacher: Let's see if you're prepared. Eighteen pears. Divided by two. Hmm. You do not know? Student: I do not know. Teacher: You do not know? You do not know? The hand. And now copy what I write: "The teacher ... is a second...father...for his.. pupils." But... Oh! Hey! Hey! Hey. Ah! Ah! [ New Scene: ] Teacher: A shepherd in a paddock has 300 sheep. In the night 47 escape but three return immediately. Then 24 get sick. Nine die and the rest heal. Then two run away. How much it does? Hmm? Pinoccio: He has 245? Quite right. Right. Pinocchio. Good boy. Have you seen how good Pinocchio became? I'll give you a nice ten and praise. Full marks.

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Oliver Knill, Posted September 30, 2020,