The Old Way 2023

Probably the best performance of Nicolas Cage (even so I liked him already in movies like City of Angles, Raising Arizona, or the American Treasure franchise). Similarly as in "True Grit", the story is a western in which a kid and a man hunt some villains. Great western, a bit too old school (especially for clever critics craving for craziness) but fresh enough and the "Old way" is in the title even. Cage plays the role of Colton Briggs, an old gun slinger, who started a more honest life but who gets thrown back when his wife gets murdered. Like him also his daughter Brooke does not know any fear. He takes her on a trip to hunt the bandits. There is a bit of meta riddle talk at the campfire which comes close to some paradoxa in logic. "As if I had been born dead inside. But I did not care. Because I was dead inside."

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Oliver Knill, Posted January 17, 2023,