3D printing in Ocean 8

In the movie "Ocean 8 (2018)", one can see some 3D scanning technology. This Article in 3Dprintingindustry has some scoop on the feasibility. There are various challenges: scanning an object from one side only (not from the back), printing this relatively complex necklace which has moving parts so that it does not fall apart. Having seen in a project with Liz some of the challenges for very simple objects, even when producing scans and printing with professional printing services, (see the article: Illustrating Mathematics Using 3D printers for some info also about scanning, it is an interesting question indeed, how long in the future that part of the story in Ocean 8 becomes feasible. All the Ocean movies of course are ludicrous in their design but still fun to watch. The movie shows a Makerbot Replicator Z18 3D Printer. seen here. But that 6500 dollar printer still produces a lot of supporting material. The movie showing the David statue printed in ``zirkonium" was obviously a fake. Even a top of the line printer can not do that as easily. Even pro services which print with 100 times more expensive machines need manual cleaning out. Zirkonium can not yet be printed as described. One can do metal or raisin.

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Oliver Knill, Posted May 18, 2019,