Nivola Sandscape Mural

Costantino Nivola (1911-1988) was an Italian sculptor and muralist. He worked at the Harvard Graduate School of Design from 1954-1957. Obituary. Here is a 10000x2000 pixel version of his mural in the entrance of the Harvard Science center. The 70 feet mural was created in 1954 and renovated in 2002 by Claire Nivola, the daughter of Costantino and Anther Kiley, the grandson. Here is a picture before the renovation (Source). The mural had been in the display room of the typewriter manufacturer Olivetti, where the artist had been hired in 1936 as an artistic director. As pointed out here. Nivola had been a symbol of the American dream and was during his life time among the most consequential names in public art, but then faded into obscurity. He had shared for four years a studio with Le Corbusier, the Swiss French architect. The sand casting technique was inspired by Le Corbusier. Click on a picture to see it large:
Information near the mural at the Harvard Science center. Click for a large version.
Nivola at Harvard Science Center Here are the picture panorama sources taken with an iphone by Oliver Knill on November 21, 2020:
picture I, picture II
And here is a stitched together picture of the mural, when it had been in the Olivetti room in New York. One can see that the colorful additions (added in 2002) were not yet there. The added color in my opinion, do not outline well the actual original content of the mural which has digital computing interacting with humans as a theme, fitting for the Olivetti show room. The original artists sand mural version looks more coherent. One can see the intention of the renovation but it looks unfinished. There are other parts which should have been outlined too. Displayroom Olivetti Nivola

Oliver Knill, Posted November 21, 2020,