Moon fall 2022

A quite ridiculous movie. The moon is a megastructure built by aliens. Somehow, the malicious AI on the moon puts it onto collision course with the earth.

Update June 22, 2022: Maybe it is not totally nonsense as moon has been used in many metaphors: one of them is the question I learned in a quantum mechanics lecture of Klaus Hepp who mentioned the Physics today paper Is the moon there when nobody looks, reality and the quantum theory. Or look at the Prospect article about Hilary Putnam in which one can read " Take scientific judgements-the embodiment of a discourse which is supposedly factual and objective. Imagine two scientists are proposing competing theories about the motion of the moon. One scientist argues that the moon orbits the earth at such and such a speed due to the effects of gravity and other Newtonian forces. The other, agreeing to the exact same observations, argues that behind Newtonian forces there are actually undetectable space-aliens who are using sophisticated tractor beams to move every object in the universe. No amount of observation will resolve this conflict. They agree on every observation and measurement. One just has a more baroque theory than the other. Reasonably, most of us think the simpler theory is better." This picture is remarkably close to the movie which explores the first scenario excluded by Occam's razor only and not by actual measurements. We can not exclude that there are aliens inside the moon manipulating its orbit, the reason being that we can not look inside the moon. As mentioned in this story: During the making of Moonfall, Emmerich and his crew collaborated with NASA, with the agency sharing high-definition photos of the moon, advising on matters of physics to ensure (some) scientific accuracy, and allowing the film to use the agency's logo. The best of the movie is maybe Halle Berry. There is tiny bit of math here:

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Oliver Knill, Posted April 1, 2022,