Moebius strip

Math in Movies
In the movie "Avengers End Game (2019)", there is a nice scene about the Moebius strip. It is actually interesting as what is said there can all be made perfectly sense. The Moebius strip can be realized as a finite abstract simplicial complex. This defines matrices for which one can look at eigenvalues. The individual simplices can be thought of as ``particles". Now, I proved once that for the matrix L which is defined to be L(x,y)=1 if simplices x and y intersect and L(x,y)=0 else, the eigenvalues can be associated with the individual simplices. The number of positive eigenvalues minus the number of negative eigenvalues is the Euler characteristic. One can therefore hear the Euler characteristic. But more, one can ``hear the individual simplices or particles". See also this blog entry.

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Oliver Knill, Posted May 25, 2019,