Meteorite pieces

It is so cool to have pieces of matter in the hand which came from outer space. One can feel a bit like the villain (played masterfully by Waltz) in the Bond movie Spectre. As usual in the later Bonds, the movie comes with fantastic cinematography (many scenes, like this one are iconic and crafted down to each detail like the choice of dresses for example) and of course, with a touch of sarcastic humor. The location Gara Medouar in Marocco had already been used for the Mummy movie. It is here in google earth and actually no meteor crater. Also the Kartenhoff meteorite is fiction. It has a similar shape than the Willamette Meteorite which weights about 14-15 tons. One can buy small pieces of the Campo Del Cielo Meteorite online. One can see the many little craters in google earth The total weight of the still present meteorite material is known to be over 100 tons, the largest ever recovered. The pieces are mostly iron. Here are photos made with the iphone of the species I got: (click on the picture to see it larger) While meteorites are ``pebbles" that are in general not simply connected, the species I got appear all simply connected. With math we could determine whether there are cavities: compute the mass from geometry by triangulating it and compare with the mass of the piece.
Oliver Knill, June, 03, 2020