Longest Ride 2015

This great movie can easily be dismissed as a cheap romance flick, but it actually is very good. The bull fight scenes are amazing and definitely not CGI, Scott Eastwood (son of Clint Eastwood) and Britt Robertson are both great and the chemistry works. The story frames an other love story, playing around WW 2 which is even better. It contains some references to Math, because Ruth, the women in the inside story also taught math and learned art, at the legendary Black mountain college, which for mathematicians is exciting because of Buckminster Fuller or Max Dehn (a student of Hilbert). The unusual and creative teaching experience at this place had been a reason for many giants of art and music or architecture to emerge there. (These times have of course long gone, as modern universities have become profit driven factories, administered by business people, trimmed for efficiency). It is easy to pre-judge the movie as ``kitsch", especially after the first few scenes (bull fighting, sorority house life introducing the main protagonists), but there are some good questions which emerge: why would somebody live and practice years to ride 8 seconds on a furious bull; or why would somebody pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a Jackson Pollock painting? Both can be dismissed easily as ``bullshit" (a comparison which literally comes up as a joke during the movie). The ``longest ride" not only stands for the 8 second rides on the bull, but for life itself, which can be rough and short and throw you off the bull early and there is a lottery which pairs you with a specific bull. Great movie. For me, about one of 10 movies I watch belong the class that I really want to see again. This is one of them (and I already saw it twice).

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Oliver Knill, Posted December 13, 2020,