Lightyear 2022

Lightyear is an other Disney-Pixar production. While quite a funny movie sometimes, it also pushes the boundary. Like featuring a same-sex kiss which produced quite a bit of a stir. Targeting a wrong audience was probably one reason for the box office struggle if one reads at viewer reactions online. It was not the competition with ``Top gun". ``Minions" was a success while ``Lightyear" counted as a flop. An other problem was having no familiar figures like Woody (with Tom Hanks), no Tim Allen voice, no connection to toys, even so the cat ``sox" was great to have in the movie. There was also some math. In the following scene, Buzz needs to compute a trajectory correction in a very short time. It includes some geometry, and a circular slide rule.

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Oliver Knill, Posted July 24, 2022,