Klasse 5 Hum B, Kanti Schaffhausen


We were 17. Top Left to right: Evelyn Busch, Barbara Gross, Michael Schallhart, Christoph Weckerle, Beat Grueninger, Rolf Jucker, Christian Styger, Beat Honegger, Milek Kovalski, Peter Neukomm, Bottom Left to right: Jitka Pavlovsky, Christine Einhaus, Isabelle Ehrat, Oliver Knill, Beat Merz, Helene Staufer. The class was together all the time, all subjects except sport, where girls and boys were separated (but had also the sports class at the same time of the day). For much of the day, we had our fixed ``home" classroom and the teachers would come in and out to teach in ``this home". We would rarely mess with the teachers, as most were our teachers for the entire 5 years (I had one math teacher, one french teacher, one english teacher in high school). We would mess with substitutes however. For a temporary math substitute teacher, we once turned all our tables and chairs facing the back so that the poor fellow had to teach without the board or for an other substitute, where we took out the weights of the blackboard so that in order to write, he had to constantly hold it up). (The photo only shows 16, missing in the picture is Brigitte Roehl). If I remember correctly, the picture has been taken by our last latin teacher, Barbara Oechslin. After reading for 7 years Ovid, Caesar etc, we were taught by her in the last year to speak Latin: "Cervisiam, cervisiam, out moriar!"

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Schaffhauser Nachrichten about graduation
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Geology excursions (the left was probably the one to the Danube Sinkhole). The right picture with a slightly exhausted class (I'm the one to the very left) was somewhere else in the south Germany part (probably in the Hegau studying the many volcanic remains there). Hanspeter Jud was a great geography teacher who would teach in themes (case method). For example, there was a theme on Borax. We would hear about how it is mined, where it is used etc. The teachers were all stellar. Werner Geissberger was also the Kanti chorus director. (I had been singing in that choir too, made even an opera production with week long training camps. The opera was Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell and we performed in various places in Switzerland like Lugano). The spectrum of his music theory was quite wide. From Queen (Pop) to Stockhausen (modern). Erich Hamburger taught French. We always had to retell what we read in French in our own words or what we have been doing recently. Huessi was for most students very scary, a huge man. I found him amusing and liked him. He would come in, have the class stand in silence for a minute, then everybody sit down, then pick a student to recite the English text we had to read for the day, by heart, verbatim! No kidding. Our Matura card See page 13, which had been done by our class, where I'm cited. Most teachers addressed us with ``Herr Knill", Huessi called the boys by last name ``Knill" and the girls by first name. Jost Schwendener made his own science experiments in the classroom. (We were awful and tempered sometimes with his data by messing with his plants, mealworms (larvae of a beetle) which must have been one of his specialities and equipment before class. I was cited once even before the principal for that). Math teacher Roland Staerk was extremely inspiring. Physics with Wahlen was quite advanced. He even tried to cover differential equations before we had been exposed to calculus. Jürg Zimmermann is a gifted historian. Not on photo is Heinrich Nicolet (German), Jür Binkert (Chemistry) we got once an assignment to use the entire chemistry lab to analyze using all the tools at hand in the lab (without any other guidance) an unknown substance, it turned out to be Aspirin, Markus Wüthrich (History), Martin Eichrodt (Religion), Silvio Vanzella (Art), Klaus Weckerle (Sport), Markus Werner (Philosophy) very impressive, he came in first class asked everybodys name, there were no student facebooks etc, he saw us the first time, then he went through the class and addressed everybody by name. He would challenge us with questions why we know a color is red or why the sum of the angles of a triangle is 180 or whether our opinions are taught or acquired. Barbara Oechslin (Latin), Hanspeter Jud (Geography) The following teacher photos were taken by Peter Neukomm during our high school time. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger versions.
Werner GeissbergerHamburgerHuessiJost SchwendenerRoland StaerkWahlenJürg Zimmermann

Reunion 2001

In Dörflingen (near Schaffhausen). I flew extra to Switzerland for that. (I'm seen to the right in the blue shirt). We were 15 present. Helen and Brigitte could not make it.