Just before I go

There are two short math scenes in that movie. By the way, a movie which is highly recommended. One knows Seann William Scott of course from movies like American Pie (Stiffler), Oldschool (a very short scene as a farmer with the tranquelizer gun) or the MTV music awards (the spoof of the matrix is great, a shitload of stifflers). Here, in this a bit darker but uplifting commedy, he brings a great performance, similarly than Steve Carell's great performance in Little Miss Sunshine as one associated Carell of course with the ``Office". The math scene which appears in "Just before I go" is a flashback. Obviously the scene is highly staged. Different kids have books from different areas (there appears to be a greek history book on the table). The math problems given as homework (problems 1-12) on the green board are hilariously un-imaginitive.

M4V, Ogg Webm. imdb link, Oliver Knill, Posted December 20, 2019,