Jane Eyre (1943)

The 1943 film version of Jane Eyre of Charlotte Bronte features Joan Fontaine who played well also in Rebecca. Jane Eyre is a delightful 1847 novel, a ferry tale in the spirit of the Cinderella. When I read it in book form in the late 1990ies, it made a similar impression than Kellers ``Romeo and Julia auf dem Dorf" of Gottfied Keller (written at a similar time in 1856), which I read as a teenager. Somehow, I like this time in the first half of the 19th century (and more generally the romantic era) also mathematically (Riemann 1826-1866, Dirichlet 1805-1959, Gauss 1777-1855, Hamilton 1805-1865) and music (Chopin 1810-1949, Mendelssohn 1809-1847) or painting Turner (1775-1851) and because it was the time of the Middlesex canal. The time of Romanticism was a reaction to an industrial revolution. We live in a similar time of industrial revolutions and it might be that romanticism will have a rebirth at some time. There are already 5 film adaptations of Jane Eyre 1943, 1983, 1996, 2006, 2011 (I like the 2006 version most). The 1943 distorts the story considerably, (similarly as the 1940 Pride and Prejudice film, which considerably changes the role of Katherine de Burg and even the profession of Mr. Collins.) See also the following clips from the 2016 movie

M4V, Ogg Webm. imdb link, The Bronte book does not mention the math specifically. When grepping the text, this is the only place where math is mentioned:
"My first aim will be to clean down (do you comprehend the
full force of the expression?) to clean down Moor House from
chamber to cellar ; my next to rub it up with beeswax, oil, and
an indefinite number of cloths, till it glitters again ; my third, to
arrange every chair, table, bed, carpet, with mathematical precision; 
afterwards I shall go near to ruin you in coals and peat
to keep up good fires in every room ; and lastly, the two days
preceding that on which your sisters are expected, will be
devoted by Hannah and me to such a beating of eggs, sorting of
currants, grating of spices, compounding of Christmas cakes,
chopping up of materials for mince-pies, and solemnising of
other culinary rites, as words can convey but an inadequate
notion of to the uninitiated like you. My purpose, in short, is to
have all things in an absolutely perfect state of readiness for
Diana and Mary, before next Thursday ; and my ambition is to
give them a beau-ideal of a welcome when they come."

Oliver Knill, Posted July 28, 2020,