God Code 2018

Bible codes are interesting because they illustrate well misconceptions in probabilistic principles. If you have a large text of the size of the bible and you look for patterns, you find patterns. An good example is on the Wikipedia page on Bible codes. Such patterns are statistically insignificant because one can find them also in random texts. The premise of this movie is based on the finding of the word "spring" in a "v" shaped form. This leads then to the search of the lost temple of Solomon, to the arc of Covenant and the original text of the bible as handed by God ... It is fashion today to label things as ``conspiracy theory" in order to discredit it. Better is to look at the evidence, think about it and then estimate the odds by the power of reasoning. Of course, we never can prove that there is no God code. A bit of common sense helps. If a writer of text wants to include a secret message in a text, would they proceed through such skip codes? Hardly. But many have written about Bible codes or Torah Codes. An example is this by the mathematician Barry Simon (from 1998).

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Oliver Knill, Posted May 14, 2023,