Life in in a day(2020)

Now in 2020, I shot with a Go Pro Max about 64 movie clips consisting of maybe a dozen hours, leading to about 1 TerraBytes of video footage (the typical HD size from 10 years ago). 24 clips made it into Final Cut, a software which makes the technical aspects easy. The hard part is to select. Here is a Day in the life of Knill:
The Mary Cummings park in Burlington is my favorite run this summer. Since I'm not biking to Cambridge every day (a 40 minutes bike ride missing every day), I usually run a bit longer these days, also to keep stress levels bearable (ignoring the hyperventilating media driving everybody nuts also helps).

Day in a life (2010)

In July 2010, just a month after moving into our house at Crawford street, we participated in the ``day in a life 2010" project. I had recorded then a day with a 0-360 panoramic optic mirror attached to a consumer camera. Each frame of the movie needed to be transformed manually (I wrote in 2007 a a small C program unwrap.c for that, see the Makefile, and a test.ppm test image). At that time, we also worked on structure from motion and omnivision projects. I at that time had to use a small resolution movie frames and merge the sound manually in with quicktime as I had no video editing software then. When uploading to youtube, sound and picture got out of sync. Since then, 360 degrees cameras have hit the consumer market. I have tried some, like for this movie from 2016 for a camera which had however only windows software. Here was the movie from 2010:

Oliver Knill, Posted July 26, 2020,