a Random and Silly page of Oliver Knill.

The game "Continuum" on the mac can be played still today thanks to "minivmac". I liked the game. It is simple and adictive. Each level (or planet) can be modified with a "planet editor". Pieces of reflective or explosive walls, attractors, guns or wind can be used to build your own universe. To run the game in linux, put everything you want to have in your virtual mac into a folder (here called STUFF). The command
mkisofs -hfs -hfs-unlock -probe -V "My Files" -o stuff.hst STUFF
produces a drive stuff.hst which can be mounted within the mac with
minivmac System7.dsk stuff.hst -r vMac.ROM
you need the System7.dsk, as well as the Mac ROM. Add some large file into the folder STUFF containing the binaries of the continuum game. Like this, you will have enough space to work.

Once the mac is started, click on the Continuum binary to play. Use "alt Q" to quit the game. Hold "Contr Q" and type Yes to quit the emulator. Here is my Makefile to run things.