The connected universe 2016

This "documentary" is an expensive add for Nassim Haramein, a Swiss amateur physisist who built a network of strange web sites like Resonance science foundation, Gaia , International Space Federation, or Quantum university, Torus Tech. I watched the movie open minded because I never had heard of Haramein. Then I asked myself after watching the documentary: did I learn something new. The answer is no. But I was fascinated by the pictures. Then I looked him up. It is hard to find any discussion about Haramein in all the bubble he has created himself. From this page: Despite his own claims, Haramein's work is unacknowledged by mainstream physicists. The only people who take him seriously tend to be fans of Coast to Coast AM (where he has appeared on several occasions). and if you look closer you'll soon find out that all scientists who has knowledge within the fields all see Haramein as a scam and " Anyhow, if you want to be fooled, it's up to you. Personally, I wouldn't like to spend my entire life living in an illusion imposed by some fame-seeking New Age pseudoscientist, just because of wishful thinking." and and other quote: "In general Haramein is, as I claimed, a brilliant pseudoscientist".
Give it as it may, the video "The connected universe", while content wise rather hollow, is visually well done. I like the animations of the graphs which are similar to the this scene in the Bond movie "Skyfall" from 2012. The documentary was done 4 years after that. It looks as if the animators were motivated by Skyfall.

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Oliver Knill, Posted August 23, 2023,