Bullet train 2022

Wow, like ``Guardians of the Galaxy" or ``Dead pool" or Tarantino movies, this was a bit of a surprise hit. It is refreshing, funny and original, just lots of fun and also some suspense if you don't look up the story. There is also a tiny bit of math in it: the chosen scene has a soft, religious counting song in the background typical contrast to the scene. And then some more counting: Ladybug: ``If you point a finger to somebody, there are four fingers pointing back to you! - Three! That's weird." Something to think about!

Then comes some Confucius type riddle told by the Elder: "A plum does not resent the hungry man, but the farmer who planted the tree." Ladybug: He resents the farmer? Lemon: So how do plums have fucking resentments now? So how can it resent? The Elder: Listen. The White Death is the farmer. Ladybug: So we're the plums. We're the plums? Lemon: It don't make sense! Why are you motherfuckers using metaphors?
Some movie critics called the movie ``brainless", but this is quite a tricky riddle to understand at first: Lemon is furious at Ladybug (the hungry man) for killing (eating) his brother Tangerine (the plum). But it is White Death (the farmer), who planted the seed and should be resented.

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Oliver Knill, Posted September 30, 2022,