Black mirror (2018)

In the TV movie Black Mirror, Bandersnatch, the concept of time and different realities comes up. Time is a construct. There are various ideas in physics also like many world interpretations. In this Netflix flic, the viewer can also influence time, so to speak play god. The movie is technologically retro as it plays in 1984, where video games were primitive. The next scene also explains PAC (programm and control). Everything is a metaphor, you are in a system, controlled by deamons, if he managed to escape, he comes right back on the other side. ``It is all code. If you listen closely, you can hear the numbers." Pacman ist in den News weil es schon AI programmierer gibt, die das Spiel selbst ohne eine Gameengine zu programmieren. Pacman ist in diesen Tagen 40 Jahre alt geworden.

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Oliver Knill, Posted May 12, 2020,