Better off Dead

The black comedy "Better off Dead (1985)" is a bit too cartoonish for todays taste. However, it is so much over the top and ridiculous and ludicrous that it again can be considered funny. Not because the jokes are good but because they are so predictable and over the top that it is again amusing. It is an early performance of John Cusack (who plays Lane Meyer in this movie and would play much better later like in the ``Runaway Jury" and himself was very disappointed by how the movie came out). There is a hilarious scene in a math classroom, in which some ridiculous nonsensical homework problem comes up: the math teacher (played by Vincent Schiavelli, who is probably best known for playing the evil doctor in the James Bond movie ``tomorrow never dies"), starts as follows: ``The three cardinal trapizoidal formations hereto made orientable in our diagram, creating our geometric configurations which have no properties, but with location". The scene drags then on a bit too long for a comedy. In the end, students are very upset when the class is over. But they get consolidated by the fact tomorrow there is an other class and that they have to memorize pages 39 to 110. To which all the students (except Lane of course who thinks he would better be off dead) are delighted. All right!

M4V, Ogg Webm. imdb link, There is a nice geometric figure in the form of a person on the green board:

Oliver Knill, Posted October 20, 2020,