Antonia's line 1995

We had this Dutch movie already in the math in movie collection. Here in a bit better quality. The movie is a collage featuring about 50 years in the life of Antonia. Therese is a granddaughter who grows to be composer and mathematician. This is one of the rare cases, where some more advanced mathematics (categorical enhanced treatment of homology) appears (second scene). In the first scene some middle or high school math is featured on the chalk board. If there was a delightful part of wit in the scenes, it would not be considered advertisement for math. The movie is artfully done (maybe too much so for some) and in particularly because it is presented in a puzzling collage type, European Jungfilmer (young film maker) style, almost universally beloved by all movie critics. Of course, it is not a mainstream movie (barely bringing in its production cost at the box office) but made for the sake of art. One can see a bit the budget constraints. The middle school scene and college scene take place in the same lecture hall.

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Oliver Knill, Posted December 26, 2020,