Angels and Demons 2009

There are some math notebook pages appearing in this movie. The Dan Brown book for the movie had been great too. Here are two scenes. The second one shows some particle physics story at CERN The Higgs particle was there discovered in 2011-2013. Anti particles are studied at CERN since a while and here is a page about it. One has however only produced tiny amounts of Anti matter (nanograms). It is the rarest, most expensive and possibly most dangerous material. The Dan Brown story was probably inspired by the fact that in 1996, the first anti matter atoms were created by humans. Source. In 2010, such atoms were first trapped and stored Source. CERN has a Website explaining the science behind the story. One can read there, that one would with current technology need one billion years to create the amount which was mentioned in the movie. It is also mentioned there that a 80 kg person emits about 180 positrons per day, mostly from the decay of potassium 40 which is contained drinking water or air. Here are the clips. One can hear people speaking in Swiss German, in French and in Italian. Harvard appears also in the movie but as usual, no video footage from Harvard on the ground, only drone picture.

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Oliver Knill, Posted January 1, 2021,