Here are few movies featuring Switzerland. (Only "Feel-good" flicks here, nothing like "Alpine fire", "Swiss makers", "Journey of hope", "The Last days of Swissair", which are all adored by film critics but depressing to watch.)

Schellenursli (little mountain boy) 2015

Here is a 3 minute clip from a great movie directed by Xavier Koller. The original story by Selina Chönz from 1945 was illustrated by Alois Carigiet. It is one of the most popular children stories in Switzerland. This movie implementation from 2015 is grand and features great shots. The actors play in Swiss german (which is no problem as the story can easily be grasped also without words). In this case, it really pays off to have the blueray version.

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Heidi, 2015

And here is a 3 minute clip from the recent movie Heidi directed by Alain Gsponer. The original story by Johanna Spyri was published in 1881. It is probably worldwide the most popular children story from an author in Switzerland. It is not the first movie implementation. There are versions from 1937 (with Shirley Temple) and a miniseries from 1993. Also this movie has magnificent camera shots. Unfortunately, the DVD has a region code and seems not to be available with a US region code (requiring to switch the region code of the player temporarily).

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Belle and Sebastian, 2013

Belle and Sebastian is filmed in the French alpes. It is a film featuring some resistance fighters helping some refugees to cross to Switzerland. Also here the mountain scenes are great. I'm not sure about the filming locations. Somewhere near Chamonix, Dent Blanches? (The mountain guides are from Chamonix). The director Nicolas Vanier did a wonderful job. The film might appear in some parts a bit too sweet, but it is definitely a feel good movie and deserves having won some awards for childrens movies. I personally like the area of Chamonix very much A story.

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Eigersanction, 1975

This is a 3 minute clip from the 1975 Clint Eastwood movie "The Eiger Sanction". A thriller featuring the Eiger mountain in the Swiss alps. The movie starts with a restaurant scene in Zürich. Also the music by John Williams with its recurring theme is very memorable (no surprise by such a masterful composer). The mountain parts, both in the Zion National park as well as in the Swiss alps are not bad. Many stunts were done by Eastwood himself.

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Goldfinger (Bond movie) 1964

Furkapass adventure with Sean Connery as ``Bond" (chasing Goldfinger) Its a central beautiful area in the Swiss mountains which I personally know well from hiking, running (I ran once a night 100K from Ausserberg to Andermatt), biking (we used to make bike tours combining mountain passes) and mountain climbing (especially the Rotondo area and the area around the Rhone glacier near the Galenstock all seen on this movie clip).

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Majesty secret service (Bond movie) 1969

There is a scene in Bern (Gumbold's law office), the Bahnhof Lauterbrunnen, Piz Gloria adventure mit George Lazenby. By the way, motivated by the movie, my brother Matthias and I flew once by Paraglider from the Schilthorn to Lauterbrunnen Photos 1987.

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Oliver Knill, Posted November 10, 2016,