Photo selection Spring, 2020

Click on a picture to see it larger. Some runs in the neighborhood, often through Woburn, Lexinton, Burlington, once even to Wilmington visiting some Middlesex Canal locations or Stoneham. There are also pictures of the Mary Cummings park (one my favorite 16 K runs), where I found quite many nice mineral stones (these Mary Cumming stones now circle our Emily Dickinson flour in the garden. Marry Cummings and Emily Dickinson were contemporaries), or the Fells, which is quite fantastic for running too. The fact that this spring, the Burlington Mall (see panorama) has less people than the Fells (a nature reservation) is one of the more amusing paradoxa from this spring.
Wilmington 35 K run The Canal passed here through the marshes Empty golf places! Home office Nature observation place in Cummings Park: Drone cage of North eastern university within Cummings park Homeland security secret research facility ... The Cummings park is under rennovation. Nice stones surface Some Geese near the Fells Through the Fells The Burlington Mall, no people The Burlington Mall A hidden lake somewhere near Lexington-Burlington area Nike Mission silos were here. Duck and cover! This is a cold war relict! More info Microsoft in Burlington Cummings park. Water tower in the back From a rock in the Fels (Fels means Rock in German) Running along the street through the Fels to Stoneham The Canal passed here (Winchester) Somewhere near the 95 in Woburn, a hidden gem Running through Burlington The canal is still visible here The Baldwin house Near the Baldwin house (a restaurant) Running beside the canal on route 38. One of the places, where the canal is still intact Near the Crowne Plaza The canal walk Running beside the canal (parallel to Route 38) Running beside the canal (parallel to Route 38) Running beside the canal (parallel to Route 38) From a hill in Woburn. Boston in the very back Burlington celebrates graduates Somewhere in Woburn near the 95, to the right is Mountain street The canal passed here along Horn Pond A nice private gym! ( In action ) (and no more so lean but mean running machine)

Oliver Knill, May 31, 2020,