Photo of Hillerod conference

The legendary conference in dynamics took place June 20--July 2, 1993 in Danemark. It brought together important people in dynamics. One can see for example fields medalists Milnor and Joccoz or the Mandelbrot legends Douady and Hubbard. De Melo and van Strien had just released their book on one dimensional dynamics. The picture was published in the Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held in Hillerod. It had the title "Real and complex dynamical systems, and was edited by Brodil Branner and Poul Hjorth, 1995. Table of contents [PDF] I had come to the conference freshly graduated and knew already to go for a postdoc at Caltech. I had come with some results on operators with spectra on Julia sets which was a bit exotic. There had been excitement about local connectivity, especially about nonlocal connectivity of the Mandelbar set, and then there were also many new results in complex dynamics. My own talk had been scheduled parallel to a talk of Carsten Petersen with spectacular results on Julia sets so that I had a talk with 2 people in the audience, one of which had been the chairmen (who had been condemned to be there). I find this now rather amusing, but at that time it had been quite a blow. But it had been a great conference, a nice location, somewhere near the Frederiksborg Palace.
Here is a list of participants:
1. Frank Loray 2. Li Weigu 3. Fang Jinqing 4. Alexey Glutsuk 5. Nuria Fagella 6. J.E. Briend 7. J.F. Estrada G. 8. Yunping Jiang 9. Bruce Kitchens 10. Amy Chiu 11. H. Jellouli 12. P. Hubert 13. C. Penrose 14. M. Brons 15. Alberto Adrego Pinto 16. K. Hag 17. Tan Lei 19. M.C. Peroueme 19. F. Vuillemin 20. Pau Atela 21. R. Albrecht 22. L. Aagesen 23. Poul Hjorth 24. Peter Jones 25. Jerome Fehrenbach 26. Viviane Baladi 27. H. Kriete 28. Lai-Sang Young 29. D. Sarenson 30. Oliver Knill 31. Stefano Marmi 32. J.E.P Macias 33. Lile Floch 34. F. Hivert 35. Carsten Petersen 36. Wu He 37. S. Hayes 38. H. Thurnberg 39. E. Jeandenans 40. R. Haisinsky 41. J.T. Rogers 42. Jane Hawkins 43. A. Hundemei 44. M. Jonsson 45. John Milnor 46. H. Lamba 47. Xavier Buff 48. Phil Schafer 49. J. Barnes 50. G. Gya 51. C. Geysel 52. Brodil Branner 53. K.M. Pilgrim 54. R. Jones 55. D. Sands 56. Henk Bruin 57. S. Luzzatto 58. Adam Epstein 59. Adrien Douady 60. Mitsuhiro Shishikura 61. Alec Norton 62. Bernd Krauskopf 63. Amie Wilkinson 64. F. Moreira 65. P. Willumson 66. M.T. Weiss 67. Pierre Moussa 68. Jun Hu 69. V. Naudot 70. Jeremy Kahn 71. K. Baranski 72. Marcelo Viana 73. P. Sentenac 74. C. Knudsen 75. Dierk Schleicher 76. Arne Jakobsen 77. J. Skrzypczak 78. Shizuo Nakane 79. Jean-Claude Yoccoz 80. Sebastian van Strien 81. E. Hansen 82. J.F. Alves 83. Ralph Oberste-Vort 84. H.H. Hugh 85. D. Gerard 86. Colin Sparrow 87. K. Hansen 88. J. Dylander 89. M. Chaves 90. L. Ma 91. John Hubbard 92. M. Flexor 93. A.I. Alonso 94. Shigehiro Ushik 95. Luo Jiaqi 96. B. Felsager 97. S. Abenda 98. B. Sariog Lu