Scrumtrilescent = Scrumtrulescent

Will Ferrell and Alec Baldwin play on SNL the ``Inside the Actor's Studio" skit, a parody on James Lipton. Here is the transcript. The word ``Scrumtrilescent" (also spelled scrumtrulescent) became established vocabulary (at least according to the Urban Dictionary or with the other spelling or wiktionary). The selection from the skit is part ofSeason 26: Episode 16, which aired on July 4th, 2001. [P.S. What does it have to do with math? It obviously deals with order structures and Zorn's lemma which tells that Every poset with upper bounds on every totally ordered subset has a maximal element. ``Scrumtrilescent" is such a maximum in the class of evaluations of acting. It does not need to be unique, illustrated by the alternative maximum ``Scrumtrulescent". ]

M4V, Ogg Webm.

Oliver Knill, Posted May 25, 2019,