Remarks to Dirac outline paper

  1. An interesting article of MichaŽl Fanuel and Johan Suykens on diffusion on directed digraphs. They also look at generalized Laplacians.
  2. While working on Universality and Barycentric numbers, found Horak, Josts article on Spectra of combinatorial {L}aplace operators on simplicial complexes. The discrete form Laplacians have been defined already by Poincare. So far, it seems that the McKean Singer paper is the first appearance of the Dirac operator for graphs or Simplicial complexes. The super symmetry is easy to explain there. In my McKean Singer paper, also the first occurances of graphs with isospectral form Laplacians seem have appeared.
    1. Correction June 13, 2013: page 9: while Gordon is great too, the name was Sunada.
    2. Correction June 15, 2013: page 11: if the path starts at an even dimensional simplex, then the path is called even, otherwise odd.
    3. Correction June 20, 2013: page 5: there were too many P's in the calculation D (Pf) = -PD f = -Plf = -l (Pf).