Archimedian solids

A Blog entry asks about 3D models of Archimedean solids. This is quite easy to do in Mathematica and such solids were frequently used in multivariable project. One problem is however that the current printing survices like Shapeways do not print a in Mathematica scaled object. This is why the code below is a bit more complicated. The polyhedra are taken apart and the polygons rebuilt:
Archimedean[k_]:=Module[{a,s,n,c,p,S},  c=5.0;   (* Scaling factor to be adapted *)
a=PolyhedronData["Archimedean"]; s=PolyhedronData[a[[k]],"Faces"];
p = Table[c*s[[1,m]],{m,Length[s[[1]]]}]; e = s[[2,1]];
S=Graphics3D[Table[{Polygon[Table[p[[e[[m,l]]]],{l,Length[e[[m]]]}]]},{m,Length[e]}]]; S];

ArchimedeanSTL[k_]:=Module[{}, a=PolyhedronData["Archimedean"]; n=a[[k]]; 


Click on the left picture to download the STL file. See Catalan solids.