Relative Langlands seminar, Fall 2023


This is a seminar about relative Langlands duality (also known as "periods--L-functions duality"). The main reference is the paper [BSV] of Ben-Zvi--Sakellaridis--Venkatesh. It is being organized by Benjamin Gammage and Sanath Devalapurkar. Email one of us if you'd like to be added to the mailing list.

The scheduled time for the seminar to meet is 1pm Tuesdays in Room SC232.


Date Speaker Topic Notes
12 September Benjamin Gammage Introductory talk & organization Notes
19 September Grant Barkley Spherical varieties Notes
26 September Wyatt Reeves Hyperspherical varieties & Whittaker reduction Notes
3 October Zeyu Wang The dual group of a spherical variety Notes
10 October Ivan Karpov The local conjecture
17 October Siddharth Mahendraker Abelian examples Notes
24 October Sanath Devalapurkar Overview
31 October🎃 Sanath Devalapurkar Examples in rank 1
7 November Haoshuo Fu The Plancherel/BFN algebra Notes
14 November Siddharth Mahendrakar Number theory
21 November [No seminar] [No seminar -- Thanksgiving week]
28 November Charles Fu The global conjecture


Spherical varieties

Hyperspherical varieties

The dual group

Abelian groups (geometric Tate's thesis)

Examples in rank 1

The Plancherel algebra

The global conjecture