An HTML version of my composer's curriculum vitae

Some links to URL .mp3 files and associated program notes
(and an alternative page in which the mp3's are embedded rather than linked)
[Eventually there'll be more stuff here. Meanwhile here's a score and a live recording (NB it's a 2M .mp3 file!) of me playing my "2.5-Part Invention", and a short program note for the piece.]

Some more scores of my compositions and arrangements

these have enough pixels per inch to be legible, but are still very noticeably rough; contact me for better-quality (i.e. higher resolution) printouts.

Here are pages 1, 2, 3, and 4 of my Agnus Dei setting for unaccompanied mixed choir. First performed by the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum under J.Marvin in its 1993-4 season.

Here's my "Idee Fixe", a short passacaglia in G-Locrian for unaccompanied B-flat clarinet.

Here are movements 1, 2, and 3 of my canonic sonata for two violins, first performed by Sophia Vilker and Steven Frucht at the Longy School of Music in 1995. Originally written for two violas (in the same key but generally an octave down) as a birthday present for my sister Galit, as a sort of seventh of Telemann's six essays in the form, which I'd been hearing her practice a bit too often. :-) To my knowledge my Canonic Sonata has yet to be publicly performed in that original version, though it has also been transcribed and performed as a canon at the octave for flute and clarinet.
The score follows the usual notational practice for such pieces: only one line, played by both players, is printed; in each movement, the second player enters at "2.", and stops at the fermata.

Here's my arrangement for unaccompanied men's or mixed choir of Fair Harvard, as performed Dec.96 by the Harvard Glee Club under J.Marvin at the Kennedy Center (and, I'm told, by the Harvard Din & Tonics on another occasion). So far the Glee Club has yet to perform my derangement [sic] of the Yale alma mater...

Apropos Harvard songs: Here's the edition of the Glee Club's arrangement of the football/fight songs Ten Thousand Men of Harvard, Yo Ho, Up The Street, and the medley of Harvardiana, Gridiron King, and Soldiers Field that I put together for the HGC's 150th anniversary reunion in April 2008. These reflect our performance practice of the mid to late 1980's, for men's chorus and one piano four hands (except for Ten Thousand which is accompanied by a single pianist).

Links to some of the many groups performing music at Harvard, from the Glee Club and Orchestra to the University Band and MIHNUET [sic].
How many string bass players (second violinists, clarinettists, trombonists, drummers, sopranos, soundmen, jazz musicians,...) does it take to change a light bulb? What did Stravinsky ask that the Catholic Church do for music? What's the range of a tuba? See Jeff Bigler's collection of music jokes for the risible answers to those questions and much more.
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