Algebraic Dynamics Seminar at Harvard

Most lectures will be in person, in Room 232 of the Science Center, but some will be held on Zoom. Seminars are typically two hours long, with a break in the middle and the second hour for more details. Please email me (Laura DeMarco) if you are interested in joining the email list, so I can send you announcements and Zoom links. When on Zoom, all participants are asked to keep their videos ON so we can feel like we are in a room together. (Of course, sometimes this isn't possible, but do try!)

Next talk: Thursday, April 14, Jason Bell, 4-6pm in Room 232.

Spring 2022 schedule

January 27. Kathryn Lindsey, Boston College. 4-6pm.
February 10. Trevor Hyde, University of Chicago. 4-6pm, on Zoom.
March 31. Rafael Saavedra, Harvard University. 4-6pm.
April 7. Jerome Poineau, Universite de Caen. 10am, on Zoom.
April 14. Jason Bell, University of Waterloo. 4-6pm.
May 4, combined with Number Theory Seminar. Matt Baker, Georgia Tech. 3-4pm, Room 507.

Past talks

Fall 2021

September 9. Myrto Mavraki, Harvard University.
September 23. Jit Wu Yap, Harvard University.
October 14. Fei Hu, University of Oslo and Harvard University.
October 21. Laura DeMarco, Harvard University.
October 28. Forrest Flesher, Harvard University.
November 4. Holly Krieger, University of Cambridge and Radcliffe Institute.
December 16. Tina Torkaman, Harvard University.

Summer 2021

June 10. Thomas Gauthier, Ecole Polytechnique
July 1. Yan Sheng Ang, MIT
August 26. Max Weinreich, Brown University

Spring 2021

January 27 [in Number Theory Seminar, 3pm]. Myrto Mavraki, Harvard University
February 5. Yohsuke Matsuzawa, Brown University
March 5. Jan Kiwi, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
March 19. Rob Benedetto, Amherst College
April 9. Alex Carney, University of Rochester
April 30. Jit Wu Yap, Harvard University

Fall 2020

November 20. Nicole Looper, Brown University
November 6. Harry Schmidt, University of Basel
October 23. Lucia Mocz, University of Chicago
October 9. Signe Jensen, Northwestern & Harvard
September 25. Dori Bejleri, Harvard
September 11. Rohini Ramadas, Brown University
August 28. Yan Sheng Ang, MIT