Algebraic Dynamics Seminar at Harvard

We meet in Room 232 of the Science Center, usually on Thursdays at 4pm. Seminars are typically two hours long, with a break in the middle and the second hour for more details. Please email me (Laura DeMarco) if you are interested in joining the email list, so I can send you announcements (and Zoom links if the talk is remote). The math department is locked, so let me know if you are not from Harvard but would like to attend a lecture.

Next talk:

Thursday, November 30, 4-6pm in Room 232

Vanessa Matus de la Parra (Rochester)

Title: Dynamics of Covering Correspondences

Abstract: In this talk, we will describe the dynamics of compositions of deleted covering correspondences. These are a particular case of holomorphic correspondences on the Riemann sphere which yield interesting families studied by Bullett, Penrose and Lomonaco. These families lie in the gap between modularity and weak modularity, and turn out to be “matings” of rational maps and Kleinian groups. The main goal of this talk is to use the mating structure to deduce equidistribution results, as well as finding measures of maximal entropy.

See also the Informal Geometry & Dynamics seminar on Wednesdays.

Summer-Fall 2023

July 5-6. Max Weinreich, Harvard
September 21. Robin Zhang, MIT
October 19. Jit Wu Yap, Harvard
November 15, WEDNESDAY. Laura DeMarco, in the Informal Geometry & Dynamics seminar
November 30. Vanessa Matus de la Parra, Rochester

Past talks