Currently I'm in the job market for academic positions! My CV is here.

I'm a Benjamin Peirce Fellow (Visiting Assistant Professor) at Harvard University.

Previously, I was an Olga Taussky & John Todd Instructor at Caltech in 2019-2020. I received my PhD in Mathematics from MIT in 2019; my advisor is Alexei Borodin.

My research interests are in Random Matrix Theory (beta ensembles), Asymptotic Representation Theory, and Algebraic Combinatorics (multivariate special functions).


Ph.D, Mathematics, MIT, 2019.
B.Sc, Mathematics with Computer Science, MIT, 2014.

Coauthors: Josh Alman, Florent Benaych-Georges, Vadim Gorin, Jiaoyang Huang, Grigori Olshanski.


Dept. of Mathematics, Harvard Univ.
1 Oxford Street
Science Center, room 237
Cambridge, MA 02138, USA