Advanced Real Analysis

Math 212b / Tu Th 10-11:30 / 216 SC
Harvard University - Spring 2006

Instructor: Curtis T McMullen (

Required Texts Recommended Texts Related Literature Prerequisites. Directed to graduate students. Lebesgue measure and integral, general topology, and theory of linear operators between Banach spaces will be assumed.

Topics. This course will present several topics, from elliptic partial differential equations to ergodic theory, with spectral theory and unitary representations as an underlying theme. Possible topics include: Grades. Graduate students who have passed their quals are excused from a grade for this course. Grades for other students will be based on homework and exams. Collaboration is encouraged on homework. Exam work should be based only on course materials and done without the help of others.

2006 Calendar.
2 Feb (Th) First class.
28, 30 Mar (Tu,Th) No class - spring break.
4 May (Th) Last class.

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