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Cliff Taubes

Clifford Taubes

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"Together, they are journeying to Jiu Jin Mountain in the Western Paradise, on a great pilgrimage to retrieve the True Scriptures. "A formidable band of pilgrims," says Dorje the Monk. "Yes," agrees the Abbot, "But as you shall see, the obstacles in their path are formidable as well."

The pilgrim: Sazang, is a monk of the Tang Dynasty. Yu Long: The White Horse, is his faithful steed. Sha Heshan: The Sand Monk, wields the Double-Headed Staff of the Crescent Moon. Zhu Bajie: The Pig of the Eight Restrictions, is a master of thirty-eight transformations and wields the Nine-Toothed Iron Rake. Sun Wu-Kong: The Monkey King, Stone Macaque, Great Sage Equal to Heaven, knows seventy-two transformations and wields the Will-Following Staff.

Picture by Hannibal Taubes.

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