Ziquan Yang

I am a rising fifth year graduate student in the Department of Mathematics at Harvard University. My advisor is Mark Kisin.

I am interested in arithmetic algebraic geometry. My current research is focused on K3 surfaces and their higher dimensional analogues in positive characteristic.

I completed my B.S. in mathematics at Duke University in 2016. In college I did research with Profs. Robert Calderbank and Chad Schoen.

Email: zqyang@math.harvard.edu


Isogenies between K3 Surfaces over the Algebraic Closure of a Field Field (to appear in IMRN)

On Irreducible Symplectic Varieties of K3^[n]-type in Positive Characteristic (submitted)

Other Writings

Morphisms with Only Mild Singular Fibers and Bertini Theorems over Finite Fields (my undergraduate senior thesis)

Notes on Abel-Jacobi Maps (some notes I wrote for fun)


2018 Spring: Curves on Algebraic Surfaces (Tutorial) Here are notes of the course taken by Daniel Kim.

2019 Spring: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (Coaching)

2019 Fall: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations