Sebastien Vasey's Projects

Here are some things I have worked (or am currently working) on.

Projects done at EPFL

System administration programs

I occasionally enjoy writing software to automate some non-trivial system administration tasks. These should work on any UNIX-like OS.

  • Darwrap is a backup program using Dar, implementing differential backup, automated restoration, cryptographic signing, encryption, and some other things. This is what I use to backup all my data.
  • Urpkg lets you install programs directly from source in a safe and undoable way.

Game programs

I like devising strategies for obscure board games, and then implement them. Here are two of my creations (joint work with Yann Schoenenberger) .

Software usage notes

  • How to do X with program Y: Notes to myself, most often giving the exact command line invocation to do something special with a given software. Maybe they can be useful to somebody else...


  • Old stuff: Things I have worked on, and published here at some point, but now do not regard as especially interesting or inspiring.