Math E-320 Announcements

  • Please complete the quiz for the first lecture until Tuesday 1/26/2021. There is a homework assignment for Monday (write down something about polygons). All these can be found on Canvas.
  • Lecture 2: Arithmetic: will give an overview over different number systems which have been developed over the ages. We will see also how modern mathematics sees the structure of number systems.
  • Lecture 1: What is mathematics? [PDF] The first lecture on Monday January 25 gave an overview of the organization of different topics appearing in mathematics. Traditionally, in the first lecture, we also always work on a ``mysterious topic" (which is usually related to something Oliver works on at the moment). Here are some Some slides from 2017. This Spring 2021 our in class work will deal with polygons and polygrams.
This course is a panoramic view over all of mathematics. Each week covers an other area of mathematics. The focus is to look at historical developments of mathematics, which includes also everything up to now. History tells us much about the structure of mathematics and about the learning of mathematics. Prerequisites are interest in mathematics and the courage to look also at completely new things. Some calculus background is helpful but not needed. No book is required. We will recommend some. The course will have a short evaluation part each class, a reading component as well as a final project.