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The Hardy-Littlewood Prime Race (uploaded June 4, 2017)
A Central Limit Theorem For Graphs (uploaded May 27, 2017)
Green Function Values and Unit Sphere Topologies (uploaded Feb 14, 2017)
Fredholm Determinants of Connection Graphs (uploaded Dec 26,2016),
Pecha-Kucha talk March 6, 2013 (uploaded Oct 20,2016),
Talk at SIAM, September 30, 2016,
Math E 320, August, 2016
Single Variable Review, June, 2016
Fourier and PDE Slides, May, 2016
Wu Characteristic, January, 2016
A rehearsal October, 2015
Snow day lecture of Feb 9, 2015
Talk in Trieste, May 10, 2013
Slides from a class in extension school (snow day lecture of Feb 2, 2015)
A graph theory crash intro in extension school (snow day lecture of Feb 2, 2015)
Mathematica workshop
A few slides on graph coloring
An animation
2013: 4 lectures on calculus:
Applications of calculus to Music, economics, statistics and computer science.
2013: Pecha-Kucha:
A 20 slides times 20 seconds presentation (Pecha-Kucha). All of calculus in 400 seconds!
2013: Zeta flight:
An experiment to export graphs to google earth. [Youtube video]
2006: Turkey watching Barbie:
An experiment on how to incorporate movies into Povray. [google video (2006) now removed] [Transferred to Youtube in 2012.
2007: An experiment with Google sketchup :
2009: a lecture for students unable to come to class during the H1N1 flu season :
2009: lecture 2, after the greeting, only the slides are shown :

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