Hunter Spink

E-mail   hspink AT math DOT harvard DOT edu
Office   SC 531

I am a 5th year graduate student in the Harvard Department of Mathematics, advised by Béla Bollobás (University of Cambridge).

My interests are combinatorics, and algebraic geometry.

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Here is a draft of my thesis I wrote for the Trinity junior research fellowship, and a summary for non-experts.
--Thesis Draft
--Thesis Draft Summary

Here are some Terrible Differential Geometry Notes that I wrote up for quals.

Subject Key:
AG=Algebraic Geometry
MG/FA=Metric Geometry/Functional Analysis

Published Work (revised pdfs, and links to articles)
7.Multicolour chain avoidance in the boolean latticeCO2020+European Journal of Combinatorics (To appear)Marius Tiba
6.Modified diagonals and linear relations between small diagonalsAG/CO2020+Proceedings of the AMS (To appear)-----
5.Judiciously 3-partitioning 3-uniform hypergraphsCO2020Random Structures and Algorithms (To Appear)Marius Tiba
4.Orbits in (P^r)^n and equivariant quantum cohomologyAG2020Advances in Mathematics / Volume 362 / MarchMitchell Lee, Anand Patel, Dennis Tseng
3.Orthogonal Symmetric Chain Decompositions of HypercubesCO2019SIAM J. Discrete Math., 33 (2), 910–932---
2.Symmetric Chain Decompositions of Products of Posets with Long ChainsCO2018Elec. J. of Combinatorics, 25 (01) P1.69Marius Tiba, Stefan David
1. Local Maxima of Quadratic Boolean FunctionsCO2016Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, 25 (04), 633-640---

Submitted Work (ArXiV links and revised pdfs)
4.Sharp quantitative stability of the planar Brunn-Minkowski inequalityMG/FA2019Peter van Hintum, Marius Tiba
3.Sharp stability of Brunn-Minkowski for homothetic regionsMG/FA2019Peter van Hintum, Marius Tiba
2.Incidence strata of affine varieties with complex multiplicitiesAG2019Dennis Tseng
1.PGL2-equivariant strata of point configurations in P^1AG2018Dennis Tseng