Alexander Smith's homepage

Hi! I'm a fifth year math graduate student at Harvard. I'm primarily interested in number theory. I can be contacted at Y@X, where Y and X are such that this website is www.people.X/~Y/. My papers, with arXiv links:

  • Ball Packings with Periodic Constraints, with Robert Connelly and Jeffrey Shen, published in Discrete & Computational Geometry, 52.4 (2014).

  • Irreducible Canonical Representations in Positive Characteristic, with Benjamin Gunby and Allen Yuan, published in Research in Number Theory, 1.3 (2015).

  • The congruent numbers have positive density, in preparation.

  • Governing fields and statistics for 4-Selmer groups and 8-class groups, in preparation.

  • 2^\infty-Selmer groups, 2^\infty-class groups, and Goldfeld's conjecture, in preparation.

    I gave two Beamer talks at JMM 2019 about my statistical work, with the first focusing on the results for Selmer groups, and the second focusing on the results for class groups.